Mythbusting: Tots’ & Kids’ Dental

Babies and dental health

We Put 7 of the Best Paediatric Dental Myths to Rest It has to be said… Just because everyone says so doesn’t make it so! Your child’s teeth are vitally important, so it’s imperative you learn fact from fiction. Discerning fact over fiction can be difficult, when well-meaning friends and family members offer not-so-factually correct […]

Too many young NSW kids have cavities.

Child brushing teeth model

Want to help keep your children out of hospital? Look after their teeth! That’s the message given by the New South Wales ADA, which is accompanied by some worrisome facts from NSW health data. Preventable dental issues are the number one reason children are admitted to hospital in New South Wales, and there are long […]

Child Dental Benefits Schedule: Dental Services Covered for Kids


Keeping your kids’ teeth healthy may not cost a cent… According to the ADA, millions of Aussie kids are eligible for full or partial cover for dental services, but only one third of them are taking advantage of what’s available by the government. The Child Dental Benefits Schedule covers Australian children aged between 2 to […]