Say goodbye to dental anxiety

Happy Gas Dentistry for Anxious Patients

Happy gas puts an end to dental anxiety

For many patients suffering from dental anxiety, dental phobias or fear of the dentist, happy gas (aka laughing gas) offers an ideal solution. Within minutes, your troubles can gently float away as you sink into a euphoric state of deep relaxation.

Regular trips to the dentist are essential. But some individuals put off necessary treatments or checkups due to anxiety or fears. Consequently, they can suffer further with poor dental health, requiring more treatment – and unnecessary expense. This is why happy gas/laughing gas is an ideal solution for many.

Happy gas works quickly and effectively to put you into a state of euphoria. It is designed to suppress sensors like touch and hearing, so is ideal for patients who hate tools in their mouth or the sounds of dental drills. Laughing gas also suppresses pain, as a happy gas dentist will tell you, these feelings will be greatly minimised.

There’s no need to feel embarrassed

People can feel anxious at the dentist for a variety of reasons

Drift away to a pleasant state of euphoria

Let your troubles gently float away as you sink into a state of deep relaxation.

How it works

Receiving happy gas is easy-breezy!

Pop on an inhaler

We’ll place a small nasal inhaler over your nose. The inhaler should feel completely comfortable to wear.


Take some deep, relaxing breaths

Take a few deep, relaxing breaths of the pleasant gas mixture.


Drift away

In less than a few minutes, you’ll slowly start to drift away. You’ll feel relaxed, comfortable, carefree and ‘happy’. Your dentist will wait until you are completely happy with your laughing gas, before they start work.

Depending on your treatment, your dentist may also administer a pain injection to numb the area completely.


Awaken to pure oxygen

After the procedure, we’ll turn off the gas and give you pure oxygen for a couple of minutes. Minutes later, you’ll come to, and soon feel completely normal.


 Happy Gas FAQS

Does happy gas put you to sleep?

Happy gas, when administered in small amounts, will keep you relaxed and euphoric, while still awake. You’ll be aware of your surroundings and can talk to the dental team. Being completely relaxed, but still cognisant will the dental procedure easier for both you and the dental team.

Some people wonder, ‘does happy gas send me to sleep?’ That depends on the amount given. When happy gas is administered in larger amounts, would fall asleep. Your dentist will discuss with you the appropriate level of gas suitable for you. It’s about finding that sweet spot where you feel comfortable, but not unconscious.

What are the side effects of happy/laughing gas?

Many anaesthetics or sedatives and leave you feeling groggy for some time afterwards. A bonus of happy gas is that, as mentioned, you will feel completely normal within a few minutes after your procedure. Usually, you’ll be safe to drive home and go about your day.

What about extensive dental work?

Many people without anxieties choose happy gas if they have to undergo extensive dental work. Sometimes, the thought of hours at the dentist is easier to bear knowing you can drift away quietly into a pleasant state of euphoria, oblivious to drills, needles and tools. Talk to your dentist if you have dental work on the horizon. Happy gas could be the ideal solution for you.

What else can I do for my dental anxiety?

Choosing a dentist you feel comfortable with, discussing your concerns with your dentist, listening to music or watching tv during treatment, relaxation techniques… These tips can all help with certain anxieties and phobias. Read more about dental anxiety here >

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