Dental Anxiety & Phobias: Helpful Tips for Common Fears

Do I have a dental emergency?

Do you ever put off the dentist because the idea makes you too uncomfortable or anxious? Does the thought of the dentist bring back bad memories? Or perhaps you hate the thought of needles or drills in your mouth. Dental anxiety and phobias are surprisingly common. But fortunately, there’s a lot we can do – […]

All About Implant-supported Overdentures

Implant supported overdentures

An implant-supported overdenture (aka implant-supported denture or clip-on denture) is a complete or partial denture that ‘clips’ onto dental implants which anchor it in place. The dentures also rest on your gums. Alternatively, conventional dentures sit on the gums and are not attached to implants. Implant-supported dentures are incredibly convenient and can be easily attached […]

Your Dental Implants Costs: Contributing Factors

Dental implants in Wagga

If you’re considering dental implants, it’s imperative you factor in all the procedure’s costs, not just the implants themselves. There is a colossal amount of variables and options when it comes to implants, and every individual has different requirements.  Remember: No two people are the same! So keep this in mind when you hear quotes […]

Understanding Osseointegration & Dental Implants

Dental implants offer an incredibly stable, secure and long-term solution for anyone missing one, several or all their teeth. Implants are popular for many reasons, but a key reason is due to the stability they provide, which is similar to the stability your natural teeth once provided. And implant stability is due to a process […]

Why Are Kids’ Teeth so Important?

Child with primary teeth

“Don’t worry about baby teeth too much; they fall out anyway…” As tempting as it may be to think the above is true, it’s simply not. Your child’s primary teeth are essential.  Without their primary teeth, children are robbed of their overall health, future dental health e.g. tooth damage and poor alignment) and a lifetime […]

How to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth

Early habits stay with us for a lifetime, so give your babies, tots and kids their best chance in life and start some (simple) healthy habits now! Babies’ Teeth Oral hygiene for babies Try to wean your child off breastfeeding or bottled milk by 12 months of age. This will help to minimise the chance […]

5-min Coffee Break with Dentist Dr Josh Dunne

Dr-Josh Dunn Dentist

Time for a coffee? Pull up a chair and read our recent chat with our popular Marketplace Dental dentist and born and bred Wagga local Dr Josh. Dr Josh, your family is well known in the Wagga community. What’s their connection to Wagga Wagga? My family has been farming in the Wagga region for many […]

How Your Hormones & Menstrual Cycle Affect Your Dental Health


Have you ever noticed that about three or four days before your period, some parts of your body feel more tender and sensitive? This sensitivity is because of a buildup of oestrogen and progesterone at this time. These effects can be numerous and varied throughout your body – including your mouth and gums. TL;DR: A […]

Mythbusting: Tots’ & Kids’ Dental

Babies and dental health

We Put 7 of the Best Paediatric Dental Myths to Rest It has to be said… Just because everyone says so doesn’t make it so! Your child’s teeth are vitally important, so it’s imperative you learn fact from fiction. This can be difficult, when well-meaning friends and family members offer not-so-factually correct advice (dental myths, […]

Pregnancy & Your Teeth: Common FAQs

Pregnancy and dental health

Your teeth, gums and mouth are greatly affected by your hormones, no matter which stage you’re at in your life – whether it’s puberty, dealing with your monthly cycle, pregnancy or menopause. Each life stage is affected differently, though. So if you’re pregnant, it’s essential you understand these changes and take some care to keep […]