Victoria Holahan, Oral Health Therapist

Dental check-up scale clean

We’re thrilled to announce the return of Oral Health Therapist Victoria Holahan! Victoria was previously a popular dental team member here at Marketplace Dental, before a three-year sojourn away. Now, she’s back in our clinic – and her beloved hometown, Wagga.

Why is Fluoride in our Toothpaste & Tap Water?

Let’s Talk About This Fluoride Thing… Thanks to Instagram, the ‘wellness industry’ is making a move on our teeth. And for no adequately backed reason, many are not  supportive of fluoride – in our water or toothpaste. Young, scientifically uneducated ‘entrepeneurs’ are bringing out new and pretty toothpaste brands, and many claim to be ‘free […]

Eco-Friendly Oral Care: Saving Your Teeth & the Planet!

Eco-Friendly Oral Care: Saving Your Teeth & the Planet! If we want to care for our teeth, brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once a day is a must. And if we’d like to care for the planet, we need to stay away from plastics and problematic chemicals. Until recently, though, most […]

Toothpaste: Now Instragram-able, But Will It Save Your Teeth?


Toothpaste: It’s Now Instragram-able, But Will It Save Your Teeth? Marvis does contain Fluoride, so that’s a thumbs-up! Isn’t it incredible how we buy things we never knew we needed? With the help of eye-catching artwork and outstanding imagery, entire product ranges are birthing – with Instagram as midwife – despite the fact we don’t […]

Smoking: How It Can Ruin Your Dental, Oral & Overall Health


Smoking can ruin your oral & overall health Smoking is one of the most effective ways to create havoc to your teeth, gums and overall health. Of course, no one would like to be on the receiving end of gum disease, tooth loss, chronic halitosis and a host of widespread health problems. Still, this is […]

Dental Anxiety & Phobias: Helpful Tips for Common Fears

Do I have a dental emergency?

Do you ever put off the dentist because the idea makes you too uncomfortable or anxious? Does the thought of the dentist bring back bad memories? Or perhaps you hate the thought of needles or drills in your mouth. Dental anxiety and phobias are surprisingly common. But fortunately, there’s a lot we can do – […]

All About Implant-supported Overdentures

Implant supported overdentures

An implant-supported overdenture (aka implant-supported denture or clip-on denture) is a complete or partial denture that ‘clips’ onto dental implants which anchor it in place. The dentures also rest on your gums. Alternatively, conventional dentures sit on the gums and are not attached to implants. Implant-supported dentures are incredibly convenient and can be easily attached […]

Your Dental Implants Costs: Contributing Factors

Dental implants in Wagga

If you’re considering dental implants, it’s imperative you factor in all the procedure’s costs, not just the implants themselves. There is a colossal amount of variables and options when it comes to implants, and every individual has different requirements.  Remember: No two people are the same! So keep this in mind when you hear quotes […]

Understanding Osseointegration & Dental Implants

Dental implants offer an incredibly stable, secure and long-term solution for anyone missing one, several or all their teeth. Implants are popular for many reasons, but a key reason is due to the stability they provide, which is similar to the stability your natural teeth once provided. And implant stability is due to a process […]

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